Canadian Individual Returns

Canada Revenue Agency Deadlines:

  • April 30th
    General tax deadline

    To meet the April 30th deadline, submit your completed tax package by April 9th

  • June 15th
    If you and/or your spouse has self-employment income

    To meet the June 15th deadline, submit your completed tax package by May 28th


  • If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is extended until the subsequent Monday.
  • Interest will accrue on any outstanding balance owing to CRA as of April 30th.
  • There are special rules for returns for deceased persons – please see the Deceased Taxpayer worksheet for more information.
  • Rental property returns also have a June 15th filing deadline


Please allow us 3 business weeks to complete your tax return, and 4 business weeks if we are doing your bookkeeping. If you indicate “hold for May 1st” or “hold for June 16th” when you submit your materials, the return will be processed after May 1st/June 16th and invoiced at regular rates.